Kitchen Profitability Masterclass

Kitchen Profitability Masterclass – systems essentials for maximum profitability

Maximising your kitchen profits involves implementing and maintaining control systems to keep track of your expenses. Strong customer numbers and an appealing, popular menu aren’t enough. Your kitchen staff need to carefully track and control wages, food costs and other overheads to ensure you can react quickly before your kitchen profitability is damaged.

This masterclass is for all kitchen leadership staff – Head & Sous Chefs, Chefs de Partie; and managers and business owners who are responsible for overseeing kitchen operations. It’s been carefully crafted to give attendees a clear logic path to follow when the figures don’t look right.
Attendees will learn how to audit their kitchen operation efficiently so they can quickly identify and then rectify profitability issues.

The masterclass includes practical exercises & online resources delivered with a focus on keeping cost control and kitchen management systems as simple and efficient as possible.

Key outcomes from this masterclass:

  • Increased kitchen profit
  • Easily identify profitability issues
  • More effective management of kitchen costs

Masterclass summary:

  • An overview of the causes of profitability issues
  • Wage cost control strategies – what to look for and options for improving wage costs
  • 80/20 kitchen health check process – learning where to focus your attention and why
  • The key control systems to implement & why
  • Strategies for implementing & maintaining key systems
  • Online mobile friendly menu costing app
  • Online resources including the kitchen health check, recipe costing formulas and tips

Limited seats.