How To Choose

Best practice hiring from ad to offer

The success of your business reflects the people you choose to run it. For that reason, this is the most critical skill we train.

This interactive, practical workshop is designed to arm you with the skills needed to attract and select stable, quality staff in today’s challenging job market.

There are committed staff out there, the skill lies in knowing how to attract enough candidates, then sort the superstars from the pretenders. Get it right, and you will achieve what many can’t – low staff turnover and stress free management.

While plenty of managers claim to ‘’know how to pick them”, the reality is that very few people are excellent judges of character. Cutting through exaggerations and misrepresentations during an interview is a skill that must be learned and practiced to consistently identify stable people.

If your managers are regularly working overtime, your staff require excessive supervision, or your business is suffering from inconsistent operating standards, poor recruitment is the likely cause.

How to Choose — Content summary:

  • how to attract more quality candidates
  • current employment legislation
  • writing job ads that appeal
  • defining your selection criteria
  • the 4 steps of selection
  • how to conduct searching interviews
  • secondary screening and reference checks
  • interview practice with feedback and coaching

Limited seats.