How To Lead

Communication essentials for hospitality leaders

How to get things done, on time and to the standard you want - while maintaining positive relationships with those around you.

Leadership doesn’t have to be stressful. With accurate, disciplined communication, life can get a lot easier.

How to Lead is an immersive and interactive workshop in the art of leadership communication. Designed for hospitality leaders at any stage of their career, it is the first workshop we recommend you do because it lays the foundation for all the other subjects we train.

Some leaders find it hard to get things done, some have problems in their relationships with staff, others just want to see an improvement in the quality of work or productivity of their team.

This workshop teaches a set of communication skills that will enable you to handle people in a positive manner while maintaining the morale, job satisfaction and productivity of your team.

Workshop summary:

  • the function of supervisors & managers
  • the most useful types of influence
  • improving listening
  • assertion skills
  • coaching & staff development
  • improving staff retention and stability
  • managing accountability & performance
  • counselling, discipline & termination
  • maintaining motivation

Limited seats.