How To Train

Taking your people from “green”
to “gun” and beyond.

The performance of your business reflects how well you train your staff. The current staffing crisis has brought this issue into focus for even the most highly evolved hospitality operators.

This workshop is our own hospitality-specific version of Train the Trainer. It’s been designed for anyone with staff training responsibilities and the senior staff they report to.

It is an intensive, interactive and hands-on workshop that gives attendees the skills to deliver the types of training needed for a successful hospitality business:

Onboarding – efficiently bringing new staff into your business so they feel like part of the team and become productive.

Technical skills training – teaching people the operation of tools, equipment, computer systems or any other procedure (e.g. food and beverage preparation or using a point of sale system).

Soft skills training – also known as behavioural skills, soft skills include the ability to communicate (e.g. upselling, resolving disputes with customers or suppliers, negotiating a contract, coaching or discipline a team member).

Without effective, ongoing staff training and development, your business may suffer from negative customer perception, inconsistent product and service standards, high costs, and the killer of profits – high staff turnover. If you’re worried about the cost of training your staff and having them leave, consider the cost of not training them and having them stay.

Attendees will gain a deep understanding of the different ways that people learn so they can present easily digestible training with impact, that will be remembered. They will learn a tried and tested methodology for the planning and delivery of onboarding training, technical and soft skills training. They will return to work with the ability to evolve your existing training systems and develop new ones as your business changes and develops.

Workshop summary:

  • the importance of effective training
  • training that suits hospitality business
  • understanding the different learning styles
  • effective onboarding
  • how to plan and write a standard operating procedure
  • technology and learning management systems to enhance training
  • technical and soft skills training
  • best practice training methodology
  • practical application with coaching

Limited seats.